MoolaVine Review – Discover If This Reverse Affiliate Marketing System Really Works

MoolaVine – Reverse Affiliate Marketing System

Product: MoolaVine – Affiliate Marketing Income System
Offer Type: Free Account / $1 Trial Green Plan Upgrade Option
Cost: FREE/$1 Trial (Recommended)
Payment: Recurring Membership ($30 Month)

Imagine a system where there is “No Selling” that takes only 10-20 minutes a day of work to implement. An affiliate marketing system that works in reverse whereby the customers tell YOU what products they want to buy in advance and all you need to do is respond with your affiliate link to earn a commission from the sale of the product. This ingenious concept is the heart of the MoolaVine reverse affiliate marketing system which also offers accelerated income growth with a residual earnings opportunity available to anyone that takes the $1 trial and becomes a “Unlimited Green Day Plan” member.

In this comprehensive MoolaVine review, I will be covering what you get as both a FREE and an upgraded “Green Plan” member and how you can get the most out of your membership to scale your earnings to $100-$200 a day or more over time (please note this is not a ‘get rich quick’ system so don’t expect to make thousands of dollars in your first week or month). If you would like to visit the website to check out this system and create your account you can do so by clicking here.

Click HERE to Visit MoolaVine and CREATE Your Free Account

Is Moola Vine FREE?

Yes! You can join Moola Vine and create a free account 100% free. There are a couple of value added options also available. There is an option to upgrade to the Green Plan which gives you UNLIMITED green days and as a bonus it also qualifies you for additional $10-$15 commissions on referral upgrades. You can build an income “Vine” with your free membership alone, but you may also want to consider the perks of being a Green Plan member, the details of which I cover later in this review. They also have a Traffic Co-Op you can purchase shares in which cost $40 a month and essentially sets your account up with an autopilot traffic campaign to add new members to your “Vine”.

Note: I have upgraded to the Green Plan and have ALSO purchased a Traffic Co-Op share for $40 so I can see how well this traffic source converts in terms of adding new members to my “Vine”.

“Moolavine has a free built-in referral system where you can make money by inviting others. This is a direct/standard affiliate program where you can make money on your direct invites”

What Is MoolaVine?

MoolaVine is a membership created by an industry veteran with many years of experience in this niche. At its heart, MoolaVine is an affiliate marketing system with a twist. In traditional affiliate marketing, people buy products or services that they are introduced to by the affiliate. When someone purchases that product or service as a result of this recommendation, the affiliate marketer receives a commission. With MoolaVine it actually works in reverse and you STILL receive commissions. Instead, with MoolaVine, people purchase products through you that they already want to buy and request your affiliate link. Once you reply with your link inside the members area of MoolaVine, they purchase the product or service through you as the affiliate and you receive the commission without having to do any selling.

At this point I know you are now probably thinking, “Why would someone come to me and request my affiliate link so I can make a commission?”.  Well, that’s because when people you have referred to Moolavine make a purchase from you as the affiliate, they credit their account with something called “Green Days”. For every $1 spent, they will receive an extra “Green Day which keeps their account “in the green”.  As people in your “Vine” are effectively purchasing products via you as an affiliate which they would have purchased anyway, it effectively means you can make an income with MoolaVine for free by replying to purchase requests with your affiliate link and banking the commissions. The greater the number of people in your “Vine” that you have referred, the more purchase requests you are going to receive and the more you are going to make in affiliate commissions.

However, I recommend you take the $1 trial and become a “Green Days Plan” member when you join because it will increase your earnings potential and will also ensure you are not missing out on bonus referral upgrade commissions you would have otherwise received (more on that further down).

As long as your account is “In The Green” you also qualify to receive purchase request commissions from anyone you have referred to MoolaVine. Every time someone becomes a MoolaVine member through yourself, they are added to your “Vine”. As you can see from the screenshot below at the time of writing I currently have “84 members” in my “Vine” and I joined less than a month ago…

When you receive a purchase request in the members area from a member in your “Vine” it will look similar to this (the member submitting the request in this example should have put the actual marketplace title in their request instead of naming another marketplace, but you get the idea)…

You simply reply with your affiliate link to any requests you have received and when that member in your “Vine” makes a purchase through your link, as their mentor, you receive the affiliate commission(s) and in return they get credited with extra “Green Days” on their account so they can do exactly the same thing when they receive purchase requests from anyone in their Vine.

Click HERE to Visit MoolaVine and CREATE Your Free Account

Why You Should Consider Immediately Upgrading to The Green Plan

When you join MoolaVine and create your account for FREE you will be presented with a $1 trial option which is an optional upgrade for you to join the “Unlimited Green Days Plan” membership at MoolaVine.

The $1 trial puts you on the “Green Plan” for 5 days after which it costs $30 monthly. I broke into profit (i.e. the membership became self funding as you can see from earnings proof screenshot further down in this review) with this within a month so in my experience it quickly paid for itself once I started referring members into my “Vine”. In the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE I joined this system and immediately upgraded to the “Green Plan” to enjoy the full benefits of the membership as a paid member and also to ensure I did not miss out on the bonus referral upgrade commissions from any members in my Vine that upgraded to the “Green Plan”. This also gives me UNLIMITED “Green Days” which means I can always reply to any purchase requests I receive.

As you can see, although I only have 84 members in my Vine so far and it’s been less than a month since I joined MoolaVine and upgraded to the Green Plan, I have already earned $53 in commissions in just over 2 weeks from referrals in my “Vine” that have joined the Green Plan. If I had not taken the $1 trial and upgraded to the Green Plan I would have MISSED OUT on those commissions. Bear in mind, also, this is not including the commissions received from purchase requests received from people in my Vine where I ALSO make affiliate commissions. It is also well worth checking out this earnings proof video to see first-hand results of income generated with this system.

This means that I am already in profit versus what it costs me to be a Green Plan member, so not only is it paying for itself but I am also making additional monthly residual income because I immediately made the decision to upgrade to the Green Plan.

Here are the benefits of taking the $1 trial and upgrading to the Green Plan:

  1. As a BONUS, you QUALIFY for additional residual $10-$15 upgrade commission payments (see screenshot above)
  2. You receive UNLIMITED GREEN DAYS, which means you do not have to purchase any products to keep your account “In the Green”.
  3. You can reply to ANY purchase requests you receive from referrals in your “Vine” and bank the affiliate commissions.
  4. You can message your ENTIRE VINE at any time through the messaging app in the members area that only Green Plan members have access to.
  5. You can accelerate your income growth and build a growing monthly residual income from all the bonus referral upgrade commissions you qualify for as a Green Plan member.

So do I recommend upgrading to the Green Plan and taking the $1 trial straight away? Absolutely!

With just 84 members in my “Vine” which anyone can realistically achieve (I did it in less than a month), this system is already paying for itself for me and producing monthly profits. That income is only going to grow over time as I refer more members that join my “Vine” and you can do the same thing too by following the simple promotion/traffic methods outlined in the members area.  You can also communicate with the members already in your “Vine” about anything you like, so that’s a really powerful feature you can take advantage of and enjoy as a member upgraded to the Green Plan. I mean, check this screenshot out below it’s seriously cool – see how it allows me to contact everyone in my “Vine”…

Click HERE to Visit MoolaVine and CREATE Your Free Account

Referring New Members Into Your “Vine” and Staying “In The Green”

There are a number of tools inside the members area you can use to refer new members into your “Vine”. Some of the methods recommended are completely free and some of them are ‘paid’. What I would recommend doing is doing a mixture of both or, if you’re on a tight budget, start out with the FREE methods like posting to Facebook Groups and scale things up with additional paid traffic once you are making an income with MoolaVine.

For example, there are 500 Facebook Groups listed inside the members area that you can post in for FREE to get you new referrals into your “Vine” as well as smart paid traffic methods that are proven to work including a hands-free option called “MoolaVine Traffic Co-Op” which automatically adds new members into your Vine every month without you having to lift a finger.

One of the pluses about this system is that you don’t have to be an internet marketer or know anything about marketing to make money with this system. You could literally not know anything about making money online and still refer new members into your “Vine” by letting friends know on Facebook and Twitter, including a signature on your emails and if you’re really pressed for time, buy a share in the Traffic Co-Op and get new people added to your “Vine” while you’re doing other things.

It’s important to keep your account “In The Green” so if you aren’t on the “Green Plan” which gives you unlimited “green days” you can go shopping for both digital and physical products that you would be interested in buying anyway in order to add additional green days to your account. You’d be amazed at the products available to you in these marketplaces – you can buy training products, courses, health supplements like Turmeric/Health Juice/Magnesium (etc) and even NanoTowels for cleaning. Every $1 spent on ANY product credits your account with an additional green day.

This is what it looks like in the members area when you want to go shopping…

When you see a product you want to buy from either the Clickbank or JVZoo marketplace, you simply paste the title of the product and the link to the product from the sales page into the Purchase Request form inside the “Go Shopping” area when you’re logged into MoolaVine and click the “Submit Request” button. Your mentor will reply with their affiliate link so you can purchase that product through them as the affiliate. Once you’ve done that and subsequently made your purchase, your account will be credited with the corresponding number of additional “Green Days”. If, for example, you spent $20 you would get an additional 20 Green Days added to your account.

1) YOU get additional green days for buying products that you would have purchased anyway from these marketplaces.
2) Your Mentor gets an affiliate commission.

It’s a WIN-WIN scenario and when anyone in your Vine does the same thing and purchases a product you will be their mentor, which means that you will receive any affiliate commissions from purchases made via the Purchase Request Form inside the members area of MoolaVine provided your account is not “In The Red” which is what happens when you run out of Green Days.

Fortunately you can easily get back “In The Green” by purchasing a useful product to top up your Green Days OR if you don’t want the hassle of going shopping, you can join the Green Plan which gives you Unlimited Green Days. The choice is YOURS!

Click HERE to Visit MoolaVine and CREATE Your Free Account

Hope all that’s clear… Let’s move on 🙂

MV Traffic Co-Op

The MV Traffic Co-Op is totally optional, but a useful way of driving traffic and getting new members referred into your “Vine” which will make you an income on semi-autopilot when you receive purchase requests or any of those members that are referred go on to upgrade. These are real people driven to your MoolaVine signup affiliate link in the form of Facebook Ads, Solo Ads and Banner Advertising. Advertising in the traffic co-op begins at the 1st of every month and you can purchase advertising from inside the members area in the form of shares. Each share costs $40 each so it’s certainly something to consider if you have a budget for paid traffic you want to invest in and are not familiar with running ads yourself or just want to add another traffic source to refer new members.

This traffic is completely legitimate as it’s the vendor (the person who created MoolaVine) who basically runs these advertising campaigns. There’s no real limit on how many MV Traffic Shares you can buy but don’t go crazy. Start off with maybe 1 share or 2 shares at the most and also add other traffic generation methods into the mix such as the one outlined below, then monitor your results.

Exciting MV Co-Op Traffic Update – 30/09/2018

Although I am already experienced at driving traffic I have purchased a share in the MV Traffic Co-Op for $40 so I can see how well this traffic converts into new MoolaVine members and upgrades over time. I have also purchased it at the end of this month as they begin new advertising campaigns at the 1st of every month so right now is an opportune time to buy a traffic share so it’s ready to go.

See screenshot proof of purchase below…

My back office in the MoolaVine members area also immediately shows that I am in the Traffic Co-Op:

Want To Get New Members On Your Vine FAST? Follow this Tip…

Once you’ve joined MoolaVine and created your free account, the next thing you are going to want to do if you’re going down the paid traffic route is get on the Green Plan to maximize your earnings potential with this system and qualify for residual commission payments. Assuming, you’ve done that, you can purchase a solo ad or two from this marketplace which will quickly get you signups that create a free account and a percentage of them will go on to also upgrade.

I have already written comprehensive articles and training videos on everything you need to do to purchase solo ads that convert. You can check them out at the following links:

Where To Buy Solo Ads That Convert

Solo Ads Training – How to Buy Solo Ads

When you join Udimi via this page for free you will automatically get a $5 discount on your first order and receive details of sellers you can buy traffic from on there that I have had good results with.

Pros of Moolavine

  • You CAN join for free, go shopping and purchase the products you want to add additional “Green Days” to your account. For every $1 you spend, you add an additional green day to your credits total.
  • As long as you have Green Days on your account and it’s not “in the red” you will be able to make commissions from purchase requests by providing your affiliate link for that product to the member in your “Vine” that has requested it.
  • The Green Plan upgrade is affordable and the trial option upgrade only costs $1
  • Becoming a Green Plan member also gives you Unlimited Green Days which means you can ALWAYS reply to purchase requests you receive from members on your “Vine” to earn affiliate commissions.
  • Green Plan members can make additional bonus residual $10-$15 monthly commission payments.
  • You don’t need to build a list or do any selling (although I recommend building a list as well if you’re paying for traffic).
  • It’s suitable for both newbies and more advanced marketers.
  • Green Plan members can communicate with their entire “Vine” through the messaging app in the members area.

Cons of Moolavine

  • Once you have run out of credits you will need to make a purchase to add additional green days to your account if you want to be able to make commissions from purchase requests, unless you have upgraded to the Green Plan, in which case you will have UNLIMITED green days.
  • If you join and any members you have referred upgrade to the Green Plan, you will not qualify for $10-$15 referral commissions unless you have also upgraded to the Green Plan.
  • There’s a monthly cost involved to be an “Unlimited Green Days Plan” member, but this soon pays for itself once you start receiving upgrade commissions and affiliate commissions from purchase requests that you will receive directly from your “Vine”.
  • You won’t be able to communicate directly with your “Vine” via the messaging center app unless you’ve upgraded to the Green Plan.

Click HERE to Visit MoolaVine and CREATE Your Free Account

Moolavine Review – Concluding Summary

This is a great system that both beginners and more advanced marketers can use to make more affiliate commissions online and also build a growing monthly income. As your “Vine” grows, your affiliate income from purchase requests will increase in frequency and the additional benefits of the Green Plan means that if you take the $1 trial and upgrade you will also receive unlimited green days and be able to communicate with members on your “Vine” from within the members area whenever you wish.

At the time of writing this review, I am already receiving purchase requests and also have members in my “Vine” that have upgraded to the Green Plan, which means this is not only paying for itself in less than a month, but I am also in PROFIT. Over time these residual commisions and affiliate commissions from purchase requests will increase as more members join my “Vine”. I have not yet paid out a dime in paid traffic (apart from purchasing one share in the MV Traffic Co-Op to see how this traffic performs in terms of results) although for those that wish to, both the MV traffic co-op and solo ads are great ways to quickly get new members referred into your “Vine” so you can start earning with this system. If you pay for solo ads, I recommend creating a squeeze page so you build a list at the same time as getting new referrals.

I recommend creating an account for FREE and strongly consider taking the $1 trial if you want to take advantage of the residual income element of this system. For those that just want to make commissions from purchase requests, there is no obligation to upgrade your account to the “Green Plan” but I do recommend doing so anyway as if you skip this part and stay “FREE” you will miss out on those bonus $10-$15 monthly commissions you would have otherwise received from members who join your “Vine” that go on to upgrade their membership. This may not seem like a big deal to you in the beginning but if, for illustration purposes in this review, you get 50 people in your “Vine” that upgrade over time, you would be theoretically be missing out on $500+ additional monthly income you would otherwise have had if you had made a modest investment and became a Green Plan member from the outset. Of course, there are no guarantees with regard to income and results will vary depending on the work you put into referring new members into your “Vine”.

Click HERE to Visit MoolaVine and CREATE Your Free Account

Thanks for taking the time to read this review of MoolaVine and if you join through any of the links on this page I will be your mentor. Please feel free to share this page with anyone that may be interested in earning an additional online income with a system like this. Likewise, if you have any questions or queries please do feel free to contact me using this form or post a comment below and I will get back to you.

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  • September 29, 2018

Complete Affiliate Niche Website You Can Monetize In Seconds Only $1 For Limited Time

Dynamite Digital Software Store

Amazon Affiliate WebsiteDynamite Digital Software Store Niche Website for $1

Product: Dynamite Digital Software Niche Website (Done For You)
Offer Type: Special Offer
Cost: $1 (Limited Time Only)
Payment: One-Time

How would you like a COMPLETE done-for-you niche targeted website that is professionally designed and ready for you to profit from? Your very own Digital Software Store that you can setup and monetize in seconds with Amazon or any other affiliate program you want to use. What about if I told you that this is on special offer for a limited time only and if you act fast you can pick it up for ONLY ONE DOLLAR! No, that’s isn’t a misprint, it really is a $1 (sale price) until this offer ends and that’s a one-time payment. There’s a good reason this is being offered for just $1 and I’ll come to that later, but if you’re in a hurry and you want to go and grab it right now you can do just that by clicking here.

Click HERE to Get Your Complete Affiliate Niche Website Store for Just $1

Why This Website Is Being Sold For Just $1

At this point you are probably wondering why this website is being sold at this special offer pricing of only $1. Well, you may or may not be aware that this website is available from Store Buildr which also has many other niche websites available, covering profitable niches such as Love Your Pets (Amazon pays DOUBLE commissions to affiliates in this niche), Wearable Technology, Movies/Video Games and many more. You can see other websites they have available to purchase by clicking here.

They want you to see how great these affiliate websites are and the best way to do that is make one of them available to you at a fraction of what it normally costs. When you’re blown away with what you are getting when you see it for yourself, you’ll be back for more. That’s the logic, by offering a best selling “Done For You” website in a hot niche for a nominal $1 you can see it all in action for yourself and monetize it with Amazon or any other affiliate program you want.

This is in a HOT niche that’s in demand. There are 643,000 Results in 37 Departments on Amazon for this niche!

Here’s the niche website you can get right now for a $1 which is normally sold for a much higher price…

Dynamite Digital Software StoreDynamite Digital Software Store Niche Website for $1

As you can see, one consistent feature about these websites is that the niche research has already been done for you and it’s a professional high quality design. Once you’ve purchased this niche website, you will have access to a simple to use admin panel where you can edit and customize it to your hearts content. Not only can you add whatever content you want, but you can also make it unique by changing the header image (if you want to), colors, fonts, borders and links. Everything is 100% editable through the admin panel interface so you can change things as much or as little as you like. Here’s what the admin panel interface looks like…

Amazon Affiliate Admin Panel

Click HERE to Get Your Complete Affiliate Niche Website Store for Just $1

How You Make Money With This Niche Website

Let’s get onto the subject of making money with your new website. To do that simply follow these steps once you’ve purchased it.

Step #1: Upload the website and login to your unique admin panel (if you don’t know how to upload simply contact support and they offer to do this for you too).

Step #2: Edit and change whatever you want (i.e. add content, change colors & fonts etc) to make it unique.

Step #3: Monetize your website in seconds by adding in your own Amazon based affiliate ads using the WordPress Plugin which is provided to you for free with this website (Worth $97 – more on that further down). You can also monetize it with any other affiliate program you want and are not limited to Amazon ads.

Step #4: SEND TRAFFIC – At this stage you have your website uploaded, you’ve customized it by making any changes you want and added content (you can also add more content later of course). All that is left to do is drive TRAFFIC to your site. This is the point where some people start scratching their heads but don’t worry about any of that because TRAFFIC TRAINING is also included with your website for free. This alone is worth the cost of the website (I mean, seriously you’re getting the website, monetization software worth $97 and traffic training for just one dollar. That is insane VALUE I am sure you’ll agree).

Step #5: BANK YOUR AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS – By this stage you have your website uploaded, customized and you’re getting traffic to it. Now all you need to do is bank those passive autopilot affiliate commissions. If you want more income, simply drive even MORE traffic to your site or purchase another site from Store Buildr in a different niche and follow exactly the same steps outlined here and in the training inside the members area.

One of the nice things about being an Amazon affiliate is that all your commissions get rolled up together, so if you have several websites making you Amazon affiliate commissions you’d get them in one affiliate payment. Remember, you aren’t limited to just making commissions with Amazons affiliate program. You can also monetize this website with any other affiliate program you want.

Let’s Recap On Everything You’re Getting For Just ONE DOLLAR

  • High Quality “Done For You” Professional Niche Website Store Which is 100% Customizable
  • ‘InstantAzon’ Software Worth $97 Which Will Monetize Your Website In Seconds With Amazon Ads
  • Comprehensive TRAFFIC Training Which Has Helped Hundreds Of People Generate THOUSANDS Of Visitors
  • Simple To Use Admin Panel Where You Can Quickly Make Changes and Add Content
  • Full Training On How To Get Your Website Online No Matter What Skill Level You Are At
  • A Website That Will Generate An Income For You On Autopilot (Just ADD Traffic)

Phew! That’s quite a list isn’t it and you get it all for $1 while the offer is available…

Now if you’re an Amazon affiliate this is an incredible deal as the software allows you to monetize this niche website store with Amazon Ads in a matter of seconds using software normally sold for $97 which is included for FREE with this niche website. You aren’t just limited to Amazon Ads though, you can monetize this site with any other affiliate program you want.

You’re also getting FULL training on how to get your website online and access to comprehensive TRAFFIC training which is also included for free when you purchase this website. This alone, in my opinion, is worth the cost of admission alone. Even if you never did anything with your affiliate website you’d be getting traffic training that WORKS for a single dollar.

The only problem is that they can only offer this for a very limited time at this price, I’m sure you can understand why, when it’s only $1 so you’ll need to ACT FAST if you want to take advantage of this deal before the offer closes and it goes back to normal pricing.

Click HERE to Get Your Complete Affiliate Niche Website Store for Just $1


  • August 19, 2018

Why You Should be Building an Email Marketing List in 2018

Build Your List
Todays lesson is called…
What do I mean by that?
Well, before you can start building your own assets, you first of all need to know what that asset is and which ones are important.
When we’re talking about online business, specifically, that’s all about building your brand and assets you control. Arguably the number #1 asset you can build in Internet Marketing in 2018 is your list.
Your Facebook followers
Your YouTube Channel subscribers
Your Instagram following
Your Friends List on Facebook
All those things are GREAT and you should be doing them but they are owned by 3rd parties. They should never be your number #1 priority because you do not own these platforms.

However, one asset you do control, regardless of EVERYTHING else is your list. One of the great myths in internet marketing is that email marketing / list building is dead or that it is dying. If that was true, you would not see top internet marketers (that you probably buy products from yourself as a result of reading an email) building and marketing to their lists.

What is the number #2 thing I would do after building my list? Again, that comes back to assets you control (your products/your blog etc) and both of my choices would include building a list as well as growing that asset. So, for avoidance of any doubt all of that comes back full circle to BUILDING YOUR LIST.

So that should be your main focus. The truth is, for some reason, a lot of people would rather do ANYTHING ELSE other than make lives easy for themselves, so they avoid building a list because they perceive it to be difficult in some way or that they are not ready for it yet.

That, my friend, is a HUGE MISTAKE!

Want to promote another affiliate program? Build your list first.
Want to sell your own products? Build your list.
Want to make your income more stable and predictable? Build your list.
There’s absolutely ZERO excuse for not building a list.
* Not being technical ISN’T an excuse
* Not wanting to write emails isn’t an excuse.
* Not having a website or a blog isn’t an excuse.
* Not knowing how to construct a squeeze page isn’t an excuse.
In 2018 it is EASIER than ever to build a list. Heck, I even sell products at very low prices to help people build a list.
For example, this package I just made available includes 7 killer done for you funnels with squeeze pages in hot areas of internet marketing for less than $5.

7 Done For You Funnels With Squeeze Pages for LESS than $5 – Click HERE

To get started building a list all you need are:

* A Squeeze Page (Get 7 funnels with squeeze pages at the link above)
* An Autoresponder Account (I recommend AWeber – Click HERE)
* A High Quality gift you give away (see the link above for 7 of them)

I also recommend getting a domain name ($10.98 from Namecheap) and inexpensive hosting ($5.95 a month)

Let’s quickly run through the costs involved with getting started building a list – your most important asset in your online business and REALLY how inexpensive it all is if you are serious about doing this.

Squeeze Page – Create your own for free or buy 7 of them from me for less than 5 bucks.
Autoresponder – You get the first 30 days for FREE. After that it’s $19 a month.
Domain Name – $10.98 for a year.
Hosting (so you can upload your squeeze page to your domain etc) – $5.95 a month (go with the plus package)

Overall Cost In Month One: $19.90 (Domain Name + Hosting + Squeeze Page Kit – less than 20 bucks and you’re in business)

Average Monthly Cost Year One: $24.53 per month.

So for less than $25 a month you can run the essential basic framework of your online business which includes building a list. Whichever way you look at it if you’re serious, that is DIRT CHEAP!

I hope this post drums into you the importance of building a list and if you aren’t already doing so, get started RIGHT NOW.
Have a great day.
  • July 26, 2018

Store Buildr – 25 Niche Website Package Review

25 Amazon Sites

Store Buildr 25 Niche WebsitesStoreBuildr – 25 Niche Website Package Sale

Product: Store Buildr 25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale)
Cost: Usually $97 but a fraction of this cost during sale. Price going up every few minutes and offer closes after a short launch period.
Payment: One-Time

StoreBuildr 25 Niche Website Package is currently available at flash sale pricing at a huge discount to what the package is normally available for during this flash sale launch period. This is a review of the package that is available, who it’s intended for and how it can benefit you in your online business. If you would like to visit Storebuildr and check out this 25 Niche Website Package while it’s available at a significant discount, you can so by clicking here.

What Is StoreBuildr?

StoreBuildr is a one-stop shop for ‘in demand’ niche websites that are already “Done For YOU” in hot niches that have been researched and monetized in seconds with Amazon based affiliate ads using the WordPress plugin that they provide. Of course, you can also monetize your niche websites from Storebuildr with any other affiliate platform you choose but all these niche websites are ideal for people looking to earn an income online as an Amazon affiliate. You also have the ability to edit each one and change 100% of the content.

25 Niche Website Package Deal

Normally each niche website from StoreBuildr are currently sold individually for $9.95 (that price could increase in the future but correct at time of writing) so buying 25 of them would cost you $248.75. During this flash sale period you can get the 25 Niche Website Package Deal at a fraction of this price. The way they are structuring the pricing during the flash sale is that the people who buy it as soon as it launches get it at the best possible price.

25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale Discount) – Click HERE

Early Bird Discount Pricing

An additional 20% off the cost of the package will be available in the first 4 hours of the flash sale. This discount reduces every few minutes after that so people sitting on the fence will still be able to get it a massively reduced price but it will cost more than when the flash sale opens.

So if you like the look of this package and you want it at the best price, you will need to buy it straight away or it will cost you more. The StoreBuildr team are also only running this package deal for a limited time so it’s time sensitive.

You get 25 niche websites in this package. Here’s a preview of a few of them in the screenshot below…

Storebuildr WebsitesTake “A Dog’s Life” for example. That’s a niche website in the pet niche which pays out DOUBLE COMMISSIONS to Amazon affiliates, so that would be a great one to get started with to bump up your affiliate earnings online.

Quick Tip: Websites making a revenue with Amazon are highly sought after by investors and you can sell a website as an asset for many times the monthly earnings it generates once it’s established. It’s not uncommon for such websites to sell for 20 x monthly earnings or more so that site you have which is ticking over making $100 a month could possibly be sold further down the road for $2000 or more.

25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale Discount) – Click HERE

How To Make Money With These Niche Websites

Step #1: Once you’ve purchased this package, upload them and login to the unique admin panel to change absolutely anything you like. All 25 of these niche websites are fully customizable so you have 100% control over header image, colors, fonts, borders, links etc.

If you’re not sure how to upload, that’s no problem. Just contact support and they’ll do that for you too.

Step #2: You can monetize these websites in a matter of seconds using a clever plugin that is provided for free with your purchase. This plugin will monetize your niche websites with your own Amazon based affiliate ads. You get a MULTISITE license to this “InstantAzon” plugin with this 25 niche website package. This is normally priced at $97 but you get it for FREE with this deal.

Step #3: Follow the high quality TRAFFIC training that is also provided. You already have 25 fully functional niche websites monetized with Amazon ads (or any other affiliate program you like) at this point, so just add traffic to start making a growing affiliate income. The StoreBuildr team have included their very best traffic training that has already helped hundreds of people get THOUSANDS of visitors to their websites.

Once you’ve purchased this 25 niche website package you’ll get access to the members area which includes FULL step-by-step video training on how to get your websites online that includes extensive TRAFFIC training with all FREE methods.

Here’s what one of the training videos look like in the members area. Simply click play once you’re in the members area and follow the training presented in each video, it’s as simple as that…

Don’t forget there’s also a ton of TRAFFIC training inside the members area of every single PROVEN traffic method used to generate massive amounts of traffic to any website or product. Each method includes both a theory and practica video so you have a full understanding of the method used before you apply it yourself…

Traffic Training

25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale Discount) – Click HERE

StoreBuildr 25 Niche Website Package – Summary

If you’re looking for a package of high quality websites you can quickly monetize with affiliate ads to make an income online as an affiliate and also make them unique, this is what I would call a no-brainer deal as each website is effectively costing you a fraction of what it would normally cost during this flash sale period.

It’s also an inexpensive way to get high quality TRAFFIC training which reveals FREE methods of driving quality traffic to your niche websites and you’ll be be making a growing passive income as an Amazon affiliate in niches that have already been researched where there is a proven demand. One other cool thing is that you get the “InstantAzon” plugin as a MULTISITE license with this package while this offer is on. This would normally cost you $97 by itself but you get it for FREE with this package.

It’s suitable for both beginners that need a helping hand with traffic training and step-by-step videos inside the members area, as well as more experienced affiliates. In particular, this offer is attractive to anyone that promotes or wants to promote Amazon products as an affiliate.

In summary, this is a cracking deal for anyone that wants to make an income as an affiliate in more than one niche. By monetizing them all with Amazon affiliate ads you can have all those affiliate commissions lumped together from your website empire into one regular paycheck. Remember, early bird pricing applies so the price of this package will go up every few minutes until the offer closes.

25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale Discount) – Click HERE

  • July 24, 2018

Where To Buy Solo Ads That Convert & Make Money

If you want to build a responsive email list in your niche, you need to find one or more HIGH quality sources of traffic. One of my favourite traffic sources for building a responsive list in the internet marketing niche are solo ads. You can also purchase solo ads for other niches including health, make money online, weight loss, finance, forex trading and more. The first issue, to tackle then, is where to buy solo ads that will actually convert into subscribers and make you money.

In a hurry? When you join Udimi via this page for free you will automatically get a $5 discount on your first order and receive details of sellers you can buy traffic from on there that I have had good results with.


At this point you essentially have TWO choices. You can either use a solo ads marketplace which is frequented by a large number of solo ad vendors that have to abide by the rules of that marketplace and is essentially a one-stop shop or you can buy solo ads off individual vendors outside of a marketplace from social media, forums or their individual website if they have one.

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  • April 7, 2018

Diary Of An Internet Marketing Blogger

Although my internet marketing blog is going to contain reviews and info on the latest internet marketing products and services, while I’m putting together the foundations I thought it would be fun to document some of it for anyone who is also starting out.

This is what I’ve done so far:

1) Choose Domain – Bought a domain name (I know, obvious right) – Cost: Under $10

2) SSL or not to SSL? I got SSL certificate installed on this domain so it’s https:// with a nice green padlock next to it. When you’re keen to get going it can seem like a bit of messing around getting this set up but it’s worth doing. I had to set up a separate mailbox for this purpose also. Cost: Around $40



3) Choose a Theme – Once that was done the next step was to decide on a theme. You can basically go three ways when you’re deciding upon a theme and it’s best not to think too much about it other than choose one you like the look of. If you’re super strapped for cash you can go down the FREE route or you can get a paid theme which usually includes a year of support. The last option is to have a custom theme made which can set you back hundreds of dollars. I chose the middle option (paid theme).  As I said in a previous post, more on the subject of themes in a future post. Cost: <$60

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  • April 3, 2018

Welcome To My Brand New IM Blog

Wow – how exciting is this, a brand new blog by me, Dean James in the Internet Marketing niche…

… and this is my very FIRST brief post.

So, “Why the new blog”, you may ask?

Well, there are few reasons for that:

  1. I fancied a fresh start with a new IM blog. Just… BECAUSE 😉
  2. Times have changed. More and more people are using mobile phones and handheld devices to access content these days. If you don’t have a mobile-optimised website or blog then you are not reaching your audience as effectively as you could be.
  3. I wanted to start out with SSL from the outset.  It just makes sense if you’re starting a new blog from scratch.
  4. I can do stuff with a brand new blog without getting stressed about the consequences of breaking anything.
  5. I like this theme. More on that in another post.

I also want to connect with you, my audience, in more ways including social media, discussion comments and I’ve even added a handy-dandy contact form if you have any pressing questions. In fact…

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  • April 1, 2018