Solo Ads – What Is A Solo Ad?

In internet marketing, terminologies are often ‘bandied around‘ with the assumption that everybody knows what you are talking about. I remember the first time someone told me to ‘setup WordPress’ I embarrassingly had no idea what it was they were referring to.

Everybody has to start somewhere and when you don’t know what a particular term means, it’s difficult to understand what it’s all about never mind why you should be doing it. Today I am going to teach you “what is a solo ad” and why it’s a great way to get targeted traffic to your landing page (squeeze page) so you can get more subscribers and make more sales.

Click on the play button below to watch my tutorial video which will tell you what you need to know about what a solo ad is and how it all works:

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Okay, so here’s how it all works in 4 simple steps:

Step #1: Your Landing Page (Squeeze Page)

This tutorial is not about setting up landing pages (we’ll cover that another time). Assuming you know what that is and that you have one, you’ll know that it’s a page which offers something in return for the visitors email address. This could be a ‘lead magnet’ such as a free report or software. It could even be a 5 part email course or more information on what the headline in the squeeze page is talking about. Either way it needs to be of high enough value for the visitor to want to enter their email address in order to receive whatever it is that is being offered.

Every time someone enters their email address you add an extra subscriber to your email list via an autoresponder (see recommended tools for the autoresponder company I recommend you use).

Step #2: You Need Traffic

Once you have your landing page in place and your autoresponder code plugged into that page, you need traffic (website visitors) that are interested in what you have to offer them. Now you could sit around all day twiddling your fingers hoping someone will find your landing page (good luck with that) or you could find other ways to drive traffic to your site so you get new leads(subscribers) on your mailing list.

One of the best ways of doing that is to pay for traffic. A great way of doing this is to find a marketer with a mailing list that is willing to mail out to their list to let them know about your offer.

Now obviously you aren’t going to get a marketer that is going to do this for free so you will have to pay them some money in exchange for them sending out traffic in the form of an email to their list on your behalf. This is known as a solo ad.

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Step #3: Buying A Solo Ad

Solo ads are normally sold in clicks with each click being a visitor from the vendors mailing list. Typically the lowest number of clicks most vendors will sell range from around the 50-100 clicks level.

On average you can usually find solo ad vendors that are willing to sell clicks for around $0.40 to $0.60 per click so 100 clicks would cost somewhere around $40-$60. It could be a little less or more, but that is the ‘ballpark’ figure and it varies depending on what the vendors price is for sending out a solo ad.

When you purchase a solo ad the vendor will require payment and will agree a time and a date they are going to mail out to their list for you. They will usually ask you for your ‘ad copy swipe’. All you need to supply them with here is a short email about your offer with a link or two that leads back to your squeeze page offer.

You will need to supply an email subject line and some body ‘copy’ as well as the link to your website.

Tracking your results here is a very good idea (if you don’t know how to do that just contact me).

Step #4: Wait for The Solo Ad Traffic

At this point a lot of your hard work is done. You’ve paid the vendor, sent them your ad copy and agreed a date/time they will mail out.

All that you need to do then is keep an eye on your stats and check that the vendor has delivered as promised. Typically vendors will take anywhere from 12-72 hours to deliver a solo ad. When they say “your solo ad has been delivered” it just means that they have now finished sending the agreed number of clicks to your squeeze page.

Obviously not everyone that lands on your squeeze page is going to enter their email address and ‘opt-in’ so at that point it becomes a numbers game. Try to get your squeeze page to convert at 40% or higher on average. This means for every 100 clicks sent to your squeeze page, you will convert 40 visitors of those 100 to subscribers that join your mailing list.

Guaranteed Solo Ad Traffic and Sales

You can look for vendors yourself or you could just join this guaranteed traffic marketplace which already has hundreds of vendors in it that can deliver a solo ad for you. It also has a ratings feedback system so you can see what other customers have to say about the solo ads they have ordered as well as how many of those solo ads have resulted in sales for those customers. The cool thing about this marketplace is they filter out junk/useless traffic so you don’t have to pay for it and the solo ad seller does not get paid until all the clicks ordered have been delivered. You can join for free and you’ll also get a $5 discount on your first order. Click HERE to get started or read my Udimi review for more information on this solo ads marketplace.

Click HERE to Visit Udimi (Buy Solo Ads)


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  • July 1, 2020

Udimi Solo Ad Training – How to Buy Solo Ads

I’ve created a 20 minute video for you to watch which is Udimi Solo Ad Training for anyone that wants to drive traffic to their offer so they can build a mailing list. Udimi has vendors that will sell you traffic in a variety of niches including marketing, health, mobile, finance and social. In particular if you’re in the area of internet marketing, make money online or need to promote any kind of biz-op this is definitely for you. Before you watch this video I should also add that when you join Udimi via this page for free you will automaticaly get a $5 discount on your first order and receive details of sellers you can buy traffic from on there that I have had good results with.

Click on the play button below to watch my full Udimi solo ad training video and see how it all works:

Click HERE to Create a FREE Udimi Account


As you can see in the image above, you can find Udimi sellers in quite a few different niches and you can filter those sellers so only the ones selling that type of traffic are displayed. You can drill down even further by choosing those that have made recent sales for buyers and only those that are online (etc).

One of the cool things about Udimi is that because it has a feedback system which is a little bit like Ebay, the customers of the seller have the opportunity to rate the solo they have bought when it has been completed. They can leave positive or negative feedback and even indicate whether the solo has made sales for them. You can see if a buyer has reported sales because you will see a green $ sign next to the feedback. It will look like this:

Let’s also have a look at what the numbers mean next to the sellers when you’re searching for a seller to buy a solo from on here.

In the example above, the vendor is charging 58 cents per click, has 148 positive feedback ratings and 0 negative ratings. He has also had a 55% sales feedback rating from his customers who have made sales as a direct result of the traffic he has sent. This means that the traffic he is sending is not only serving the purpose of building his customers mailing list but they are also making money directly from his traffic (that’s not counting any sales they make from future mailings or autoresponder mailings in their follow-up sequence). Some vendors will allow you to purchase as little as 50 clicks. In the picture above you can see that you could buy 50 clicks from that vendor for $32. I would recommend purhasing 100-200 clicks to get started but what you buy is up to you and dependent on your own personal budget.

Click HERE to Create a FREE Udimi Account

Once you have chosen a seller it’s then simply a case of moving the slider on screen to choose the number of clicks you wish to purchase and also what date you want the seller to start sending traffic on. The seller will have up to 100 hours to deliver traffic but I find that typically sellers complete solos much quicker than this with many being finished within a day and usually always within 72 hours. You can also choose a date in the future but allow the seller to start the solo early. Udimi has a built-in messenger so you can send the seller a PM if you want once you’ve placed your order.

In the image above, for the purposes of this example you can see that I have selected 100 clicks on 27th March and I have included my ad text which the vendor is going to mail out to his list. All you need to do here is create an email subject line for your ad and some body copy along with a link to your offer, which will be going to your squeeze page where the visitor has the option to enter their email address in return for whatever it is that you are offering (i.e. a free report, video, audio download etc).

In total this solo would cost $61 to purchase 100 clicks and once you’re happy to proceed with purchasing a solo on Udimi you just click the “Buy” button that I have highlighted in red in the screenshot above.

This will take you to a final checkout screen where you make payment either by Paypal or Card. If you already have funds present on your Udimi balance it will automatically subtract that from the overall cost of the order. As I had $7.32 balance on Udimi at the time you can see it is asking me for $53.68 to pay for my solo ad order. If you don’t have Paypal you can also purchase using a credit card so there is more than one option for you to pay for your order.

Once payment is completed it’s then simply a matter of waiting for the seller to accept your order and start sending you traffic on the date agreed. I find most sellers will accept the order within a few hours at the most but it depends on when they are online and how often they check for new orders. As a lot of these vendors do this full-time most orders are accepted very promptly indeed.

Obviously, if you have any further queries regarding buying solo ads on Udimi be sure to watch my Udimi Solo Ad Training video at the start of this post. Once you’ve read this and watched that, I would be happy to answer any questions you have as I have used this marketplace for a long time. To make things quicker and easier for you, the best thing to do is create a free account with Udimi below and that will get my Udimi Bonus containing 4 things that are advantageous to you.

  1. It will give you direct access to me on Udimi via their messaging system. On there you can ask me any questions you may have about Udimi or purchasing a solo ad on there.
  2. It will give you $5 discount on your first order.
  3. It will give you a personal message from me with more details including the names of 3 proven vendors on Udimi you can purchase traffic from.
  4. You will get periodic updates from me on Udimi containing details of sellers on this marketplace I have personally got good results with.

Go ahead and create your account via the link below and I’ll be in touch 🙂

Click HERE to Create a FREE Udimi Account


If you enjoyed this Udimi solo ad training turorial please do share it with anyone you know that might find it useful. Thanks as always for reading!

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  • June 29, 2020

Udimi Review – Getting Guaranteed Traffic With Solo Ads


Service Reviewed: Udimi
Membership (Free to Join) – $5 Discount when you register via this page.
Type of Service: Marketplace for buyers and sellers of targeted solo ad traffic.

Udimi is a members website where anyone can get targeted guaranteed traffic to their offer by purchasing an agreed number of clicks (visitors) from a solo ad vendor. What Udimi is in essence is a marketplace where vendors can sell traffic and buyers can purchase targeted traffic. You can visit the website and check it out by clicking here. If you register via any of the links in this review you will get a $5 discount after registration.

Click on the play button below to watch my full Udimi review video and see how it all works:

Click HERE to Visit Udimi

What makes this site/resource different to finding a traffic vendor outside of it is that Udimi guarantees the traffic. Not only does it filter out junk traffic and useless clicks so you don’t have to pay for them, but it also covers your funds by refunding you money if a vendor fails to deliver all clicks. In short, it’s an intermediary between yourself and the vendor and an assurance that you won’t get ripped off as a buyer of traffic to your offer.

Udimi Settings

As you can see above at the top of the screen once you’re logged in you can Find Sellers, Browse through Solo Deals and change your selection criteria for solo ad vendors you are looking to purchase traffic from.

For example, in the screenshot above the settings are for the solo ad to run in the next 7 days (availability) from a vendor that will sell 50 clicks at between 35-45 cents per click. Using that selection criteria Udimi found over 250 sellers that matched this requirement.

You can filter even further down to 24 hours availability and only choosing solo ad vendors that have generated sales.

Once you have chosen a vendor you wish to purchase traffic from on Udimi, you just need to select the date, number of clicks you’d like to buy and include your email ad text (you can enter this as a ‘swipe’ so it’s automatically populated with that ad copy when you buy a new solo ad so you don’t have to copy & paste it in every time).

So, let’s say for example we purchase a solo ad from the vendor below. Desmond Akil Smith – he’s had 2662 positive feedbacks and only 3 negative ratings and he delivers a high percentage of sales versus solo ads delivered at the time of writing. Theoretically and based on previous feedback this would be a good vendor to buy traffic from on Udimi.


As per the screenshot above you’d simply choose that particular vendor, then use the slider to choose the number of clicks you’d like to order. At first I would recommend purchasing 100-200 clicks if it’s your first order from that seller. It’s always good to start off relatively small until you get a feel for how well the traffic from any solo ad vendor converts for your offer/squeeze page.

buy solo ad

You then either untick or leave the “Allow the seller to start earlier than scheduled” and click on Buy. In the example above it would cost $63 to purchase 100 clicks from Desmond Akil Smith. Udimi will add $3.00 on to whatever you order, so if you buy 100 clicks at 60 cents you would pay $63 in total for your order.

Click HERE to Visit Udimi

As I write this review I’ve just spotted another potentially good solo ad vendor so I’ve purchased some clicks from him. He’s got a really high percentage of sales at 60% (there aren’t many vendors with sales figures percentages this high) from 95% top tier countries and quite a lot of good reviews so it’s worth doing a test run of 100-200 clicks.

ajie wibowp solo ads

Check it out – his name is Ajie Wibowo – he’s had 615 positive feedbacks and 1 negative feedbacks so practically a 100% positive feedback rating to date (you are almost always going to get one or two people that leave negative feedback no matter how good the service is you are offering to customers). Also his prices look reasonable as well with 100 clicks costing $49 and $3 added from Udimi which makes $52 in total for 100 clicks. Register for a free account by clicking here and you can order from this vendor.

Ajie Wibowo solo ads

Update: I ran a test solo ad with the above vendor and I got 2 sales from the mailing which was awesome.

You can pay for your order either by Paypal or Credit Card. Once the order is placed you just need to wait for the seller to review your ad copy and accept the solo order. You will find in most instances providing your offer is a good fit for the sellers list and that your links work okay, the seller will accept the order.

At this point the seller has 100 hours to deliver the solo from the starting time. Any clicks that are not delivered once 100 hours have elapsed are refunded to you on a pro rata basis. I usually find most solos are delivered in 48 hours or so but you can check the sellers average delivery time before you order to give you a better idea of how long you can typically expect for that seller to fulfil your order.

Don’t be put off by solo ad sellers that take a little longer to complete an order because in my experience they can sometimes give you better results than a vendor that fills the order in a few hours. After you have bought a few solos on Udimi you will soon get a feel for which vendors you want to order from again.

The good thing about Udimi versus an outside website or source is that the traffic is guaranteed so all sellers are obliged to deliver the clicks you have ordered with genuine traffic or they won’t get paid. Udimi holds the funds in their own ‘escrow’ until the solo has been delivered and it does not release funds to the vendor until such time. This protects you as a buyer of traffic so that you only pay for what you get in terms of targeted traffic delivered to your landing page.

Join Udimi

Click HERE to Visit Udimi


Udimi Review – Concluding Summary

If you are looking for targeted traffic to your offer, Udimi ticks all the boxes. Not only can you quickly and easily place orders using Paypal or Credit Card, but Udimi actually protects you on several levels so you only get guaranteed traffic that you have paid for. It has sophisticated filters in place that filter out junk/useless traffic that you would have to pay for if you ordered directly from a vendor outside this marketplace.

Inside the members area (free to join) there is a “Solo Deals” section where you can often get discounts on solo ad deals as a result of specials that sellers on there are running. Because the seller doesn’t actually receive the money for the solo ad you have paid for until all the traffic has been delivered, you can be assured that you don’t have a situation where you have paid for traffic that you haven’t received. In the rare event that a seller underdelivers on the number of clicks sent to your offer, Udimi will automatically refund and credit your account on a pro rata basis for those clicks. In my experience of using Udimi this happens rarely as most sellers on there are able to deliver a lot of clicks and that is their full-time business.

You will get leads and sales when you use this marketplace. I have been on there for years and I still use it on a regular basis. I am also still getting tons of leads and regular sales from the solo ad traffic I purchase and you can quite literally build a $100,000+ a year business with solo ad traffic and nothing else. If you are in the internet marketing/make money online biz-opp niche this is a no-brainer as a lot of the sellers on Udimi have traffic perfectly aligned with these niches. As well as the ‘Marketing’ niche, they also have vendors that sell solo ads traffic for Finance, Health, Mobile and Social.

Click HERE to Visit Udimi

==>> Udimi Bonus <<==

When you register to use Udimi from this webpage you will get a $5 discount. Not only that, when you have joined just let me know by contacting me here or message me directly on Udimi and I will provide you with the details of 3 solo ad vendors on Udimi I have had good results with so you can get off to a flying start as a buyer of targeted solo ad traffic.

Click HERE to Visit Udimi


If you enjoyed this Udimi review please do share it with anyone you know that might find it useful. Thanks as always for reading!

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  • June 29, 2020

The Power Of Digital Marketing And Employing Leverage In 2020 And Beyond

In 1983 when I was just a kid listening to a new band called Musical Youth, little did I know that something was already happening that would change lives forever. Something so powerful it would enable normal people, just like you and I to work anywhere in the world they wanted to as long as they had a computer and an internet connection.

The World’s First Secure Retail Transaction

On January 1, 1983 researchers began to put together a “network of networks” that became the modern Internet. In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web and the rest is history. Just a few short years later, in 1994, the first secure retail transaction over the web was made. Both eBay and Amazon launched the following year as early adopters.

1994 is a year I remember well as I was on a programming course at the time. A few of us in the class had dreams of being computer “whizz kids”. As a side-note, one guy on our course who programmed a greenhouse simulator, practically with his eyes closed, became a dot-com millionaire during what we now look back on as the tech bubble in the late 1990’s where tech stocks soared and crashed as fortunes were both made and lost. Although we were all familiar with using computers at a time when it was seen as being something quite nerdy, generally speaking, very few of us had used the world wide web.

The 5 Perils Of Physical Product Fulfilment As A Vendor – Tangibles

If you told the average person on the street that you were starting an online business, they would quite often assume you were selling on an eCommerce platform such as eBay or Amazon.

Indeed, to many that sounds like a good idea as it’s a quick and relatively painless way to get started selling physical products initially. There are ways of leveraging and scaling this but it is important to bear in mind the following points before you go down this route:

1) You don’t have any control or influence over a 3rd party platform and how its internal algorithms work or how it lists your items in its marketplace in terms of overall visibility.

2) You DON’T have a business unless you have your own assets you are building. You just have a cash flow as you have no assets of your own that you can leverage or sell at a later date other than stock inventory.

3) If you’re undertaking product sourcing and order fulfilment yourself it’s going to take up a considerable amount of time and effort and you only have so many hours in a day at your disposal.

4) Be aware of competition also selling the same item and commoditising it by selling it cheaper, thereby reducing profit margins and in some instances effectively turning a profitable product into one that loses money after costs.

5) Today’s hot seller can be in tomorrow’s bargain basement bin. In an ever changing marketplace, a physical product that is currently in demand can also quickly go the other way. Unless the product you are selling is evergreen, all that stock you bulk ordered from a wholesaler could be sitting in a spare room with nowhere to go at any kind of meaningful profit. Now that IS a headache and I personally know people this has happened to.

There are also other things to consider like the cost of sourcing stock, listing fees, final value fees, subscription costs, postage, the cost of buying more than you actually need in case there’s a spike in orders and there’s also the possibility of being left with stock you can’t sell or you will end up selling at a loss just to clear your outstanding inventory.

Of course, I’m not implying this cannot be lucrative as there’s a ton of money to potentially be made out of selling physical products but it can be a major headache if you don’t get it right and often you are shackled to the business both in terms of time and geographically. Doesn’t that sound more like a job than something you could do that is both enjoyable and rewarding?

The Finery Of Going Binary – Selling & Marketing Digital Products Online

Are you familiar with binary numbers? They are just 1’s and 0’s. When data is digitised it is turned into 1s and 0s for storage. The beautiful thing about information is that it’s all digital. If you run a business selling digital products as an affiliate or a vendor (the good news is you can do both) you no longer have to worry about sourcing stock or buying more than you actually need in case there’s a spike in demand. There is no limit to how many copies of it you can sell and if it’s already packaged up you can deliver it INSTANTLY to the customer.

Build Assets and Employ Leverage In Your Online Business

If you value time freedom and you want to employ leverage, selling digital products is an extremely attractive proposition. Not only can you build your own assets including products, email lists, websites and properties you own such as a blog, but you can do it literally ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD as long as you have a device such as a laptop or a computer and access to an internet connection.

Once you’ve got momentum on your side, you can literally make sales while you are doing other things. Yes, that even includes making money while you are fast asleep and spending leisure time with friends and family. You can even employ massive leverage if you sell your own products by recruiting affiliates and giving them a commission when they make one or more sales. Over time this can translate to an army of affiliates sending traffic to your products and offers on any product you launch.

Of course, you can’t press a button and expect money to fall out of the sky without doing any work. As much as that would be nice, it only exists in the world of fantasy so you have to be realistic and realise that it’s technically impossible. Be very wary of anyone promising “push button” riches because there is literally no such thing and they are just selling you the dream. Deep down you already know that don’t you?

You Could Technically Run This Business From Mars [1]

Providing you are prepared to put some work in, HUGE rewards are available to anyone with a willingness to learn and apply what they have learnt, providing it’s from someone that is actually successful doing what they already teach. My personal recommendation is to embrace the technological age we live in by running a business marketing digital products. This will afford you the opportunity to work when you want, wherever you want and on your own terms, unrestricted by geographical requirements and free of the burdens commonly associated with sourcing and selling physical inventory.

[1] You could run this business from Mars, providing you had oxygen, a computer and an internet connection. If this article has piqued your interest in selling and marketing digital products, check out John Thornhill’s exclusive training which reveals how 9 out of 10 of his students are making a FULL-TIME living from the internet working part-time and how we create our own automated online income streams that generate sale after sale using the worlds number #1 digital marketplace. Visit to get started.

  • June 29, 2020

Complete Affiliate Niche Website You Can Monetize In Seconds Only $3.95 For Limited Time

Dynamite Digital Software Store

Dynamite Digital Software Store Niche Website for $3.95

Product: Dynamite Digital Software Niche Website (Done For You)
Offer Type: Special Offer
Cost: $3.95 (Limited Time Only)
Payment: One-Time

How would you like a COMPLETE done-for-you niche targeted website that is professionally designed and ready for you to profit from? Your very own Digital Software Store that you can setup and monetize in seconds with Amazon or any other affiliate program you want to use. What about if I told you that this is on special offer for a limited time only and if you act fast you can pick it up for ONLY $3.95! No, that’s isn’t a misprint, it really is a $3.95 (sale price) until this offer ends and that’s a one-time payment. There’s a good reason this is being offered at a steep discount and I’ll come to that later, but if you’re in a hurry and you want to go and grab it right now you can do just that by clicking here.

Click HERE to Get Your Complete Affiliate Niche Website Store for Just $3.95

Why This Website Is Being Sold For Just $3.95

At this point you are probably wondering why this website is being sold at this special offer pricing of only $3.95. Well, you may or may not be aware that this website is available from Store Buildr which also has many other niche websites available, covering profitable niches such as Love Your Pets (Amazon pays DOUBLE commissions to affiliates in this niche), Wearable Technology, Movies/Video Games and many more. You can see other websites they have available to purchase by clicking here.

They want you to see how great these affiliate websites are and the best way to do that is make one of them available to you at a fraction of what it normally costs. When you’re blown away with what you are getting when you see it for yourself, you’ll be back for more. That’s the logic, by offering a best selling “Done For You” website in a hot niche for a nominal $3.95 you can see it all in action for yourself and monetize it with Amazon or any other affiliate program you want.

This is in a HOT niche that’s in demand. There are 643,000 Results in 37 Departments on Amazon for this niche!

Here’s the niche website you can get right now for a $3.95 which is normally sold for a much higher price…

Dynamite Digital Software StoreDynamite Digital Software Store Niche Website for $3.95

As you can see, one consistent feature about these websites is that the niche research has already been done for you and it’s a professional high quality design. Once you’ve purchased this niche website, you will have access to a simple to use admin panel where you can edit and customize it to your hearts content. Not only can you add whatever content you want, but you can also make it unique by changing the header image (if you want to), colors, fonts, borders and links. Everything is 100% editable through the admin panel interface so you can change things as much or as little as you like. Here’s what the admin panel interface looks like…

Amazon Affiliate Admin Panel

Click HERE to Get Your Complete Affiliate Niche Website Store for Just $3.95

How You Make Money With This Niche Website

Let’s get onto the subject of making money with your new website. To do that simply follow these steps once you’ve purchased it.

Step #1: Upload the website and login to your unique admin panel (if you don’t know how to upload simply contact support and they offer to do this for you too).

Step #2: Edit and change whatever you want (i.e. add content, change colors & fonts etc) to make it unique.

Step #3: Monetize your website in seconds by adding in your own Amazon based affiliate ads using the WordPress Plugin which is provided to you for free with this website (Worth $97 – more on that further down). You can also monetize it with any other affiliate program you want and are not limited to Amazon ads.

Step #4: SEND TRAFFIC – At this stage you have your website uploaded, you’ve customized it by making any changes you want and added content (you can also add more content later of course). All that is left to do is drive TRAFFIC to your site. This is the point where some people start scratching their heads but don’t worry about any of that because TRAFFIC TRAINING is also included with your website for free. This alone is worth the cost of the website (I mean, seriously you’re getting the website, monetization software worth $97 and traffic training for just $3.95. That is insane VALUE I am sure you’ll agree).

Step #5: BANK YOUR AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS – By this stage you have your website uploaded, customized and you’re getting traffic to it. Now all you need to do is bank those passive autopilot affiliate commissions. If you want more income, simply drive even MORE traffic to your site or purchase another site from Store Buildr in a different niche and follow exactly the same steps outlined here and in the training inside the members area.

One of the nice things about being an Amazon affiliate is that all your commissions get rolled up together, so if you have several websites making you Amazon affiliate commissions you’d get them in one affiliate payment. Remember, you aren’t limited to just making commissions with Amazons affiliate program. You can also monetize this website with any other affiliate program you want.

Let’s Recap On Everything You’re Getting For Just $3.95

  • High Quality “Done For You” Professional Niche Website Store Which is 100% Customizable
  • ‘InstantAzon’ Software Worth $97 Which Will Monetize Your Website In Seconds With Amazon Ads
  • Comprehensive TRAFFIC Training Which Has Helped Hundreds Of People Generate THOUSANDS Of Visitors
  • Simple To Use Admin Panel Where You Can Quickly Make Changes and Add Content
  • Full Training On How To Get Your Website Online No Matter What Skill Level You Are At
  • A Website That Will Generate An Income For You On Autopilot (Just ADD Traffic)

Phew! That’s quite a list isn’t it and you get it all for $3.95 while the offer is available…

Now if you’re an Amazon affiliate this is an incredible deal as the software allows you to monetize this niche website store with Amazon Ads in a matter of seconds using software normally sold for $97 which is included for FREE with this niche website. You aren’t just limited to Amazon Ads though, you can monetize this site with any other affiliate program you want.

You’re also getting FULL training on how to get your website online and access to comprehensive TRAFFIC training which is also included for free when you purchase this website. This alone, in my opinion, is worth the cost of admission alone. Even if you never did anything with your affiliate website you’d be getting traffic training that WORKS for less than 4 dollars.

The only problem is that they can only offer this for a very limited time at this price, I’m sure you can understand why, when it’s only $3.95 so you’ll need to ACT FAST if you want to take advantage of this deal before the offer closes and it goes back to normal pricing.

Click HERE to Get Your Complete Affiliate Niche Website Store for Just $3.95


  • June 22, 2020

Diary Of An Internet Marketing Blogger #2 – Week 1 Of A Brand New Funnel

How much can you do in a week from scratch? Quite a lot if you focus on one thing at a time. At the beginning of the week I decided to build a new funnel and list from scratch starting at ZERO.

Psychologically the beginning can be the most exciting, but also the most daunting part of any project or endeavour, so it’s important to go in there with the right mindset and have a vision of what you want to accomplish.

Here’s what I achieved between starting at ZERO and the the beginning of day 6:

Set up new funnelIf you don’t know how to do this go through the training below this table
Set up new listEasy to do – just set up a new list in your autoresponder
Started driving traffic to the new funnelfree and paid – think social media/youtube/bing ads/solo ads/blog if you have one)
Wrote an email campaign (30 mails) for the funnelThis part can be time consuming but you don’t need them all written right away. Just do one at a time until you have at least a 21 day campaign.
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Week 1 RESULTS (Building a List & Generating Sales):

* Added over 270 Subscribers to a brand new list. Edit: It’s now day 7 and it’s now 325 Subscribers as we go into Week 2.
* Generated 10 sales. Edit: On day 7 it’s now 14 sales.

So How Did I Add 270 Subscribers and generate 10 sales with a brand new list in less than a week?

(it’s actually 297 325 at time of updating this blog post)…

This is locked content so if you’re seeing this now it means you’re already a subscriber. Welcome!

Here’s more interesting updated stats including income from the funnel:

Week 1 New Funnel Stats

Subscribers Added Week 1:325 subscribers
Sales: 14
Income From Sales Week 1: $111.38
Traffic Expenses: $143
Profit Week 1: -$31.62

Note: Before I continue, I want to share how I created the table above since whenever I read blogs it’s rare anyone actually says how they did it so I spend ages figuring it out myself. Perhaps you can relate? So, rather than scratch your head wondering how I did it (or even if you didn’t) just search for a free plugin on WordPress called TablePress and you can quickly create tables with rows and columns as well as adding or deleting them etc as you fancy. Then you just put a quick shortcode into your post and you’re done. Let’s move on…

Now although that’s only just over $100 in week 1 it’s good going as it’s completely from scratch and the subscribers are only just being added to my new campaign. I invested $143 into traffic as well in the first week so although the funnel/campaign is currently in minus figures week 1 it doesn’t concern me in the slightest as I’ve got over 300 subscribers on a brand new list.

I’m happy with the initial results and I expect more conversions over the coming 2-3 weeks plus I’ll also be driving more paid and free traffic to the funnel on a consistent basis.

At that point I’ll be able to work out how everything is converting with some meaningful traffic running through the funnel over time.

To get new subscribers to a brand new funnel I called upon my existing resources including:

* Facebook Page & Group Updates
* Twitter Posts
* Paid Traffic (Marketplace Solo Ads)

Side Note: I’ve learned the following the hard way. NEVER rest on your laurels. Don’t stop to congratulate yourself for too long and make sure you keep the momentum going by sticking to the fundamentals and being consistent, especially when it’s all going well. That’s the time to push your foot on the pedal flat to the floor (not to do what you naturally would do which is to possibly ease off). It’s very easy to get distracted when you’re working online, so get the most important things done first that you know will make the most difference.

I recommend using a tracking tool (ClickMagick is the best one – Click HERE for a FREE 14 Day Trial) so you know which traffic is converting and where it’s coming from.

As the vast majority of the work in terms of funnel and campaign is now already done (subject to tweaking and additions), I now have to  focus on driving targeted traffic through the funnel. I’m getting new subscribers and generating sales with it so it’s an encouraging start. Over time I will split test a new funnel alongside it and tweak the email campaign. I’ll ditch non performing follow-ups or rewrite them. I may even move the campaign sequence around depending on how it performs.

I’ll also keep my eyes on the numbers with regard to traffic and I’ll introduce new free and paid traffic methods into the mix. See how much more you can achieve if you stop over analysing and just get on with putting the fundamentals in place.

Target For NEXT 7 Days

* Build the new list up to over 500 subscribers
* Generate 20-30 sales total (minimum)
* Buy More Paid Traffic and Track Results

By the end of next week I should have over 500 subscribers on this list because I’m laser focusing on one thing and doing each step without getting distracted by shiny objects. By that time my new funnel should have generated somewhere in the region of 20-30 sales minimum.

Now remember this is early days. Imagine how much momentum it will have when it’s got a few thousand subscribers in the new funnel and I’m re-investing more of it into traffic. If you’re wondering what kind of traffic I’ll be buying next week, I’ll tell you here upfront: Solo Ads!

You can learn more about buying solo ads by following my training and clicking HERE.

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If all this sounds relatively simple, it’s because it’s not rocket science. The problem some people have is thinking they need to know everything before they pull the trigger. You don’t!

Robert De Niro has the following advice for you, “Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait“.

There’s a man that knows a thing or two about a ‘thing or two’.

If you are paralysing yourself into inaction, do yourself a favour – jump off your ‘needing to be perfect pedestal’ and take a seat on the ‘taking imperfect action chair’. You’ll have more fun sitting there, trust me!

What you do need to do is take consistent action and not be afraid to experiment with traffic sources as well as spend some money. I have heard many excuses as to why people don’t have money, but the truth is you can always raise money one way or the other. Got no money? Sell the stuff you don’t need on Ebay! Now you have money.

Let’s continue…  

It then becomes a momentum machine and the snowball I’m rolling now by hand practically takes care of itself as it grows larger.

The key, especially when you’re in the ‘building phase’ (and you should always be doing a certain degree of building) is to re-invest a percentage of your profits back into traffic so your leads don’t dry up and your list remains responsive.

You’re probably wondering how much you should re-invest? Initially as much as you can afford to. 50% is a sensible figure but even 70-80% would be a good idea until the profits become meaningful.

So, for example, if you made $100 in profit with your funnel you should look to re-invest a minimum of $50 back into traffic. This is painful for some people to do but it’s absolutely necessary or you won’t progress as quickly as you otherwise would have.

Over time and with some tweaks here and there your funnel will reach the point where it should make you more income than you are investing into it in terms of paid traffic and ongoing costs.

At that point it becomes what is known as a self-liquidating funnel and you can really scale things up.

I know some people reading this will be saying, “What if I don’t have a paid traffic marketing budget to begin with?“.

No problem – start with what you already have. Drive as much FREE traffic as you can from places like social media, forums, instagram, YouTube videos and then when the profits start rolling in you should also invest into paid traffic (you can and should be doing both).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my second diary update and gained a tidbit or two of useful info from it. If you have, I’ll put you on my cool wall and give you a high-five if you would share this on social media or let anyone you know that may benefit from anything in this diary entry. Much love.

Stay tuned for my next update on this blog.

If you still haven’t got started with your own affiliate marketing business or you’re not getting the results you’d been hoping for I highly recommend going through this FREE Affiliate Marketing Training which shows you how you can build your own affiliate marketing business with 10 passive income sources and even how you can have it all done for you so that all that you need to do is drive traffic and start earning a growing passive income online. You’ll also discover the tools and services I use to achieve results like this in my very first week of setting up a new funnel


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  • June 8, 2019

Why You Should be Building an Email Marketing List in 2018

Build Your List
Todays lesson is called…
What do I mean by that?
Well, before you can start building your own assets, you first of all need to know what that asset is and which ones are important.
When we’re talking about online business, specifically, that’s all about building your brand and assets you control. Arguably the number #1 asset you can build in Internet Marketing in 2018 is your list.
Your Facebook followers
Your YouTube Channel subscribers
Your Instagram following
Your Friends List on Facebook
All those things are GREAT and you should be doing them but they are owned by 3rd parties. They should never be your number #1 priority because you do not own these platforms.

However, one asset you do control, regardless of EVERYTHING else is your list. One of the great myths in internet marketing is that email marketing / list building is dead or that it is dying. If that was true, you would not see top internet marketers (that you probably buy products from yourself as a result of reading an email) building and marketing to their lists.

What is the number #2 thing I would do after building my list? Again, that comes back to assets you control (your products/your blog etc) and both of my choices would include building a list as well as growing that asset. So, for avoidance of any doubt all of that comes back full circle to BUILDING YOUR LIST.

So that should be your main focus. The truth is, for some reason, a lot of people would rather do ANYTHING ELSE other than make lives easy for themselves, so they avoid building a list because they perceive it to be difficult in some way or that they are not ready for it yet.

That, my friend, is a HUGE MISTAKE!

Want to promote another affiliate program? Build your list first.
Want to sell your own products? Build your list.
Want to make your income more stable and predictable? Build your list.
There’s absolutely ZERO excuse for not building a list.
* Not being technical ISN’T an excuse
* Not wanting to write emails isn’t an excuse.
* Not having a website or a blog isn’t an excuse.
* Not knowing how to construct a squeeze page isn’t an excuse.
In 2018 it is EASIER than ever to build a list. Heck, I even sell products at very low prices to help people build a list.
For example, this package I just made available includes 7 killer done for you funnels with squeeze pages in hot areas of internet marketing for less than $5.

7 Done For You Funnels With Squeeze Pages for LESS than $5 – Click HERE

To get started building a list all you need are:

* A Squeeze Page (Get 7 funnels with squeeze pages at the link above)
* An Autoresponder Account (I recommend AWeber – Click HERE)
* A High Quality gift you give away (see the link above for 7 of them)

I also recommend getting a domain name ($10.98 from Namecheap) and inexpensive hosting ($5.95 a month)

Let’s quickly run through the costs involved with getting started building a list – your most important asset in your online business and REALLY how inexpensive it all is if you are serious about doing this.

Squeeze Page – Create your own for free or buy 7 of them from me for less than 5 bucks.
Autoresponder – You get the first 30 days for FREE. After that it’s $19 a month.
Domain Name – $10.98 for a year.
Hosting (so you can upload your squeeze page to your domain etc) – $5.95 a month (go with the plus package)

Overall Cost In Month One: $19.90 (Domain Name + Hosting + Squeeze Page Kit – less than 20 bucks and you’re in business)

Average Monthly Cost Year One: $24.53 per month.

So for less than $25 a month you can run the essential basic framework of your online business which includes building a list. Whichever way you look at it if you’re serious, that is DIRT CHEAP!

I hope this post drums into you the importance of building a list and if you aren’t already doing so, get started RIGHT NOW.
Have a great day.
  • July 26, 2018

Store Buildr – 25 Niche Website Package Review

25 Amazon Sites

Store Buildr 25 Niche WebsitesStoreBuildr – 25 Niche Website Package Sale

Product: Store Buildr 25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale)
Cost: Usually $97 but a fraction of this cost during sale. Price going up every few minutes and offer closes after a short launch period.
Payment: One-Time

StoreBuildr 25 Niche Website Package is currently available at flash sale pricing at a huge discount to what the package is normally available for during this flash sale launch period. This is a review of the package that is available, who it’s intended for and how it can benefit you in your online business. If you would like to visit Storebuildr and check out this 25 Niche Website Package while it’s available at a significant discount, you can so by clicking here.

What Is StoreBuildr?

StoreBuildr is a one-stop shop for ‘in demand’ niche websites that are already “Done For YOU” in hot niches that have been researched and monetized in seconds with Amazon based affiliate ads using the WordPress plugin that they provide. Of course, you can also monetize your niche websites from Storebuildr with any other affiliate platform you choose but all these niche websites are ideal for people looking to earn an income online as an Amazon affiliate. You also have the ability to edit each one and change 100% of the content.

25 Niche Website Package Deal

Normally each niche website from StoreBuildr are currently sold individually for $9.95 (that price could increase in the future but correct at time of writing) so buying 25 of them would cost you $248.75. During this flash sale period you can get the 25 Niche Website Package Deal at a fraction of this price. The way they are structuring the pricing during the flash sale is that the people who buy it as soon as it launches get it at the best possible price.

25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale Discount) – Click HERE

Early Bird Discount Pricing

An additional 20% off the cost of the package will be available in the first 4 hours of the flash sale. This discount reduces every few minutes after that so people sitting on the fence will still be able to get it a massively reduced price but it will cost more than when the flash sale opens.

So if you like the look of this package and you want it at the best price, you will need to buy it straight away or it will cost you more. The StoreBuildr team are also only running this package deal for a limited time so it’s time sensitive.

You get 25 niche websites in this package. Here’s a preview of a few of them in the screenshot below…

Storebuildr WebsitesTake “A Dog’s Life” for example. That’s a niche website in the pet niche which pays out DOUBLE COMMISSIONS to Amazon affiliates, so that would be a great one to get started with to bump up your affiliate earnings online.

Quick Tip: Websites making a revenue with Amazon are highly sought after by investors and you can sell a website as an asset for many times the monthly earnings it generates once it’s established. It’s not uncommon for such websites to sell for 20 x monthly earnings or more so that site you have which is ticking over making $100 a month could possibly be sold further down the road for $2000 or more.

25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale Discount) – Click HERE

How To Make Money With These Niche Websites

Step #1: Once you’ve purchased this package, upload them and login to the unique admin panel to change absolutely anything you like. All 25 of these niche websites are fully customizable so you have 100% control over header image, colors, fonts, borders, links etc.

If you’re not sure how to upload, that’s no problem. Just contact support and they’ll do that for you too.

Step #2: You can monetize these websites in a matter of seconds using a clever plugin that is provided for free with your purchase. This plugin will monetize your niche websites with your own Amazon based affiliate ads. You get a MULTISITE license to this “InstantAzon” plugin with this 25 niche website package. This is normally priced at $97 but you get it for FREE with this deal.

Step #3: Follow the high quality TRAFFIC training that is also provided. You already have 25 fully functional niche websites monetized with Amazon ads (or any other affiliate program you like) at this point, so just add traffic to start making a growing affiliate income. The StoreBuildr team have included their very best traffic training that has already helped hundreds of people get THOUSANDS of visitors to their websites.

Once you’ve purchased this 25 niche website package you’ll get access to the members area which includes FULL step-by-step video training on how to get your websites online that includes extensive TRAFFIC training with all FREE methods.

Here’s what one of the training videos look like in the members area. Simply click play once you’re in the members area and follow the training presented in each video, it’s as simple as that…

Don’t forget there’s also a ton of TRAFFIC training inside the members area of every single PROVEN traffic method used to generate massive amounts of traffic to any website or product. Each method includes both a theory and practica video so you have a full understanding of the method used before you apply it yourself…

Traffic Training

25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale Discount) – Click HERE

StoreBuildr 25 Niche Website Package – Summary

If you’re looking for a package of high quality websites you can quickly monetize with affiliate ads to make an income online as an affiliate and also make them unique, this is what I would call a no-brainer deal as each website is effectively costing you a fraction of what it would normally cost during this flash sale period.

It’s also an inexpensive way to get high quality TRAFFIC training which reveals FREE methods of driving quality traffic to your niche websites and you’ll be be making a growing passive income as an Amazon affiliate in niches that have already been researched where there is a proven demand. One other cool thing is that you get the “InstantAzon” plugin as a MULTISITE license with this package while this offer is on. This would normally cost you $97 by itself but you get it for FREE with this package.

It’s suitable for both beginners that need a helping hand with traffic training and step-by-step videos inside the members area, as well as more experienced affiliates. In particular, this offer is attractive to anyone that promotes or wants to promote Amazon products as an affiliate.

In summary, this is a cracking deal for anyone that wants to make an income as an affiliate in more than one niche. By monetizing them all with Amazon affiliate ads you can have all those affiliate commissions lumped together from your website empire into one regular paycheck. Remember, early bird pricing applies so the price of this package will go up every few minutes until the offer closes.

25 Niche Website Package (Flash Sale Discount) – Click HERE

  • July 24, 2018

Where To Buy Solo Ads That Convert & Make Money

If you want to build a responsive email list in your niche, you need to find one or more HIGH quality sources of traffic. One of my favourite traffic sources for building a responsive list in the internet marketing niche are solo ads. You can also purchase solo ads for other niches including health, make money online, weight loss, finance, forex trading and more. The first issue, to tackle then, is where to buy solo ads that will actually convert into subscribers and make you money.

In a hurry? When you join Udimi via this page for free you will automatically get a $5 discount on your first order and receive details of sellers you can buy traffic from on there that I have had good results with.


At this point you essentially have TWO choices. You can either use a solo ads marketplace which is frequented by a large number of solo ad vendors that have to abide by the rules of that marketplace and is essentially a one-stop shop or you can buy solo ads off individual vendors outside of a marketplace from social media, forums or their individual website if they have one.

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  • April 7, 2018

Diary Of An Internet Marketing Blogger

Although my internet marketing blog is going to contain reviews and info on the latest internet marketing products and services, while I’m putting together the foundations I thought it would be fun to document some of it for anyone who is also starting out.

This is what I’ve done so far:

1) Choose Domain – Bought a domain name (I know, obvious right) – Cost: Under $10

2) SSL or not to SSL? I got SSL certificate installed on this domain so it’s https:// with a nice green padlock next to it. When you’re keen to get going it can seem like a bit of messing around getting this set up but it’s worth doing. I had to set up a separate mailbox for this purpose also. Cost: Around $40



3) Choose a Theme – Once that was done the next step was to decide on a theme. You can basically go three ways when you’re deciding upon a theme and it’s best not to think too much about it other than choose one you like the look of. If you’re super strapped for cash you can go down the FREE route or you can get a paid theme which usually includes a year of support. The last option is to have a custom theme made which can set you back hundreds of dollars. I chose the middle option (paid theme).  As I said in a previous post, more on the subject of themes in a future post. Cost: <$60

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  • April 3, 2018