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Solo Ads – What Is A Solo Ad?

In internet marketing, terminologies are often ‘bandied around‘ with the assumption that everybody knows what you are talking about. I remember the first time someone told me to ‘setup WordPress’ I embarrassingly had no idea what it was they were referring to.

Everybody has to start somewhere and when you don’t know what a particular term means, it’s difficult to understand what it’s all about never mind why you should be doing it. Today I am going to teach you “what is a solo ad” and why it’s a great way to get targeted traffic to your landing page (squeeze page) so you can get more subscribers and make more sales.

Click on the play button below to watch my tutorial video which will tell you what you need to know about what a solo ad is and how it all works:

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Okay, so here’s how it all works in 4 simple steps:

Step #1: Your Landing Page (Squeeze Page)

This tutorial is not about setting up landing pages (we’ll cover that another time). Assuming you know what that is and that you have one, you’ll know that it’s a page which offers something in return for the visitors email address. This could be a ‘lead magnet’ such as a free report or software. It could even be a 5 part email course or more information on what the headline in the squeeze page is talking about. Either way it needs to be of high enough value for the visitor to want to enter their email address in order to receive whatever it is that is being offered.

Every time someone enters their email address you add an extra subscriber to your email list via an autoresponder (see recommended tools for the autoresponder company I recommend you use).

Step #2: You Need Traffic

Once you have your landing page in place and your autoresponder code plugged into that page, you need traffic (website visitors) that are interested in what you have to offer them. Now you could sit around all day twiddling your fingers hoping someone will find your landing page (good luck with that) or you could find other ways to drive traffic to your site so you get new leads(subscribers) on your mailing list.

One of the best ways of doing that is to pay for traffic. A great way of doing this is to find a marketer with a mailing list that is willing to mail out to their list to let them know about your offer.

Now obviously you aren’t going to get a marketer that is going to do this for free so you will have to pay them some money in exchange for them sending out traffic in the form of an email to their list on your behalf. This is known as a solo ad.

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Step #3: Buying A Solo Ad

Solo ads are normally sold in clicks with each click being a visitor from the vendors mailing list. Typically the lowest number of clicks most vendors will sell range from around the 50-100 clicks level.

On average you can usually find solo ad vendors that are willing to sell clicks for around $0.40 to $0.60 per click so 100 clicks would cost somewhere around $40-$60. It could be a little less or more, but that is the ‘ballpark’ figure and it varies depending on what the vendors price is for sending out a solo ad.

When you purchase a solo ad the vendor will require payment and will agree a time and a date they are going to mail out to their list for you. They will usually ask you for your ‘ad copy swipe’. All you need to supply them with here is a short email about your offer with a link or two that leads back to your squeeze page offer.

You will need to supply an email subject line and some body ‘copy’ as well as the link to your website.

Tracking your results here is a very good idea (if you don’t know how to do that just contact me).

Step #4: Wait for The Solo Ad Traffic

At this point a lot of your hard work is done. You’ve paid the vendor, sent them your ad copy and agreed a date/time they will mail out.

All that you need to do then is keep an eye on your stats and check that the vendor has delivered as promised. Typically vendors will take anywhere from 12-72 hours to deliver a solo ad. When they say “your solo ad has been delivered” it just means that they have now finished sending the agreed number of clicks to your squeeze page.

Obviously not everyone that lands on your squeeze page is going to enter their email address and ‘opt-in’ so at that point it becomes a numbers game. Try to get your squeeze page to convert at 40% or higher on average. This means for every 100 clicks sent to your squeeze page, you will convert 40 visitors of those 100 to subscribers that join your mailing list.

Guaranteed Solo Ad Traffic and Sales

You can look for vendors yourself or you could just join this guaranteed traffic marketplace which already has hundreds of vendors in it that can deliver a solo ad for you. It also has a ratings feedback system so you can see what other customers have to say about the solo ads they have ordered as well as how many of those solo ads have resulted in sales for those customers. The cool thing about this marketplace is they filter out junk/useless traffic so you don’t have to pay for it and the solo ad seller does not get paid until all the clicks ordered have been delivered. You can join for free and you’ll also get a $5 discount on your first order. Click HERE to get started or read my Udimi review for more information on this solo ads marketplace.

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  • July 1, 2020