Where To Buy Solo Ads That Convert & Make Money

If you want to build a responsive email list in your niche, you need to find one or more HIGH quality sources of traffic. One of my favourite traffic sources for building a responsive list in the internet marketing niche are solo ads. You can also purchase solo ads for other niches including health, make money online, weight loss, finance, forex trading and more. The first issue, to tackle then, is where to buy solo ads that will actually convert into subscribers and make you money.

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At this point you essentially have TWO choices. You can either use a solo ads marketplace which is frequented by a large number of solo ad vendors that have to abide by the rules of that marketplace and is essentially a one-stop shop or you can buy solo ads off individual vendors outside of a marketplace from social media, forums or their individual website if they have one.

There are pros and cons to both approaches and nothing is perfect, but one advantage of the solo ads marketplace I use is that the funds are held in escrow until the solo ad is delivered and it also filters out some of the lower quality traffic that doesn’t convert which you would otherwise be paying for outside of that marketplace.

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Solo Ads Marketplace

There are a number of solo ads marketplaces you can find on the internet. In the interests of transparency at the time of writing this article I only use and recommend one of them, so that’s the one I am going to cover here because I’m speaking from experience on where to buy solo ads. I know this particular marketplace very well indeed and I still use it to this day to build my email list. The marketplace I use is called Udimi which you can visit by clicking here.

So Why Udimi?

There are a number of advantages of using Udimi, especially when you are first starting out including:

  • They have traffic filters in place which will filter out a percentage of junk/useless traffic
  • Funds held in escrow until the solo is delivered
  • You can purchase as little as 50 clicks from some vendors
  • If a vendor does not deliver all the clicks you get a pro rata refund for the shortfall
  • You can check out the ratings of the vendor selling the solo prior to purchase
  • You can leave positive or negative feedback for the vendor
  • You can see the percentage of sales from solos reported by previous customers (this one is huge)
  • Vendors run deals from time to time which you can easily review
  • They have an online booking system so you know when the solo is going to be started for you.
  • They have a real-time feed showing most recent feedback for vendors so you can see what’s hot right now.

Here’s the thing – you buy a solo so you can build your list BUT you also ideally want to make money out of the solo itself because it offsets the cost of the solo. Check out this screenshot that was taken just an hour ago from Udimi:

Do you see that green $ sign in the feedback comment? That means the customer has reported sales from the solo with the vendor. In fact they got more than one sale from that solo alone, which means they offset the cost of the solo with the sales from it and they added new subscribers to their list at the same time.

While there is no guarantee you will make sales from any given solo ad, by choosing to run solo ads with vendors that are generating sales for their customers, you have a much better chance of also getting sales yourself (as a customer) AND it’s an indicator that the traffic the vendor is sending is high quality.

I highly recommend registering for a free account at the link below so you can check it out:

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I’ve also created a 20 minute video for you to watch which is Udimi Solo Ad Training for anyone that wants to drive traffic to their offer so they can build a mailing list.

Click on the play button below to watch my full Udimi solo ad training video and see how it all works:

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Buying Solos From Individual Vendors

Of course, when you buy a solo ad on a marketplace you’re also effectively buying from a solo ad vendor but in doing so, as with any marketplace, they oversee the transaction to an extent with things like escrow of funds and traffic filters etc. Outside of a marketplace you’ll be dealing directly with the vendor and in the most part, Paypal is how you will pay and how they will accept payment. Anyone just starting out purchasing solo ad traffic, I would use a marketplace until you’ve got a handle on how it all works before branching out into making individual buys.

One of the pros of individual vendor purchases is that you’ll find some traffic vendors operating individually that you won’t find on marketplaces (and vice versa) but it’s very important that you do your due dilligence before making a purchase and ALWAYS start small. Don’t go rushing in like a bull in a china shop and buy 1,000 clicks from a vendor you don’t even know. Be sensible about it and purchase 100-200 clicks as a test mailing to see what sort of results you get and make sure you track how many subscribers you are getting from the solo as well as any sales. If you get good results with a vendor, again, don’t then make the mistake of placing a huge order just because you’ve had good results once with that vendor.

So Where to Buy Solo Ads From?

Facebook Groups – There are a number of solo ad groups on Facebook and this is essentially the first port of call for finding vendors that will sell you a solo. At one time Skype rooms were used a lot for this purpose but Facebook has to all intents and purposes, superceded them.

Check out the vendors profile and feedback from other customers. Make sure they have a track record and a reputation as a vendor to uphold. It is common for a vendor to send you a Paypal invoice which you have to pay upfront before the solo is delivered for the agreed number of clicks. Do not be afraid to tell them what your budget is and what you are willing to pay for an order. The worst thing that can happen is that they say “NO” and counter with an offer or assert their original price. Be realistic though as solo prices per click tend to be anything from $0.35 to $1 per click.

In marketplaces the ranges I tend to see are from $0.35 to $0.80 per click so that gives you an idea of what you can expect to pay. 100 clicks will usually cost anything from $35 to $80 at the higher end.

There are a growing number of Facebook groups you can join to buy solo ads on Facebook so I am not going to list them all here.

Here are two to get you started:



Just remember, Facebook is not overseeing the actual transaction when you decide to purchase clicks from a vendor outside of a marketplace so do your research before you order. Check out their testimonials from previous customers, do a google search on the marketer and check they have an active Facebook account with friends (etc).

I am not trying to make you fearful of buying solos from individual vendors – far from it, but check they are legitimate first and established.

Note: If you ever see solos advertised for less than $0.30 per click be super cautious as it’s probably not very good traffic. No vendor worth their salt is going to send you high quality traffic for peanuts. The only exception to this is some will run special offer pricing deals to build up their feedback if they are a new vendor (obviously this applies to marketplaces in particular).

Individual Solo Ad Vendors Websites – Being a solo ad vendor is often a full-time business so individual vendors will frequently have at least an order page and some will have an online booking system for ordering.

Forums – Depending on the niche you’re in you can also find solo ad vendors advertising in forums such as the Warrior Forum. Again, be sure to do your due dilligence prior to placing an order.

Concluding Summary

You can find vendors that send good traffic which will convert both in marketplaces and outside of marketplaces.  If you’re just getting started buying solos for building your list, I would recommend using a marketplace and building up your own list of preferred vendors that  you get good results with in that marketplace before also branching out and finding new vendors that don’t necessarily sell in those marketplaces.

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  • April 7, 2018