Welcome To My Brand New IM Blog

Wow – how exciting is this, a brand new blog by me, Dean James in the Internet Marketing niche…

… and this is my very FIRST brief post.

So, “Why the new blog”, you may ask?

Well, there are few reasons for that:

  1. I fancied a fresh start with a new IM blog. Just… BECAUSE 😉
  2. Times have changed. More and more people are using mobile phones and handheld devices to access content these days. If you don’t have a mobile-optimised website or blog then you are not reaching your audience as effectively as you could be.
  3. I wanted to start out with SSL from the outset.  It just makes sense if you’re starting a new blog from scratch.
  4. I can do stuff with a brand new blog without getting stressed about the consequences of breaking anything.
  5. I like this theme. More on that in another post.

I also want to connect with you, my audience, in more ways including social media, discussion comments and I’ve even added a handy-dandy contact form if you have any pressing questions. In fact…

…you see that blue button in the top right hand corner of this blog that says, “Have a Question? Click Here”

Well if you do have one ( a question that is ) you can simply click on that and it will take you to a contact form. Fill in the required details including your question and it will be magically sent to me by the power of the Internet (and everything).

I will respond to you as soon as humanly possible. Bear in mind, though, I don’t sit at the computer screen 24/7 (this is the internet lifestyle after all).

One of the most amazing things about setting up your own blog is how little it can be done for. You can literally be up and running for the cost of a domain name and inexpensive hosting.

I’ve already got hosting and autoresponder(s) for building my list(s) so all I needed was:

1) A Domain Name for around $10 (already had this one registered ~ it’s like I already knew I would need it at a later date ;-)).

2) A WordPress Theme – It’s true, you can get free themes that do the job perfectly well, but I wanted a premium theme and that costs a few bucks. This one cost less than $60 so it’s a drop in the ocean when you consider it’s a one-time fee. For anyone interested I’ll be talking more about the WordPress themes in a later post.

3) SSL Certificate – What you pay out here varies but you can do it for $40 or less for the year (you’ll notice when you visit my site it’s https:// and has a nice green secure padlock in your browser window). If you’re SERIOUS about running an online business and you’re just starting a new blog you may as well bite the bullet and do it although it’s not a pre-requisite.

Realistically you can get up and running for $100-$150 with a paid theme, SSL, inexpensive hosting and the autoresponder service I recommend ($19 a month and free for first 30 days). Not bad!

In future posts I’m going to be sharing all sorts of exciting things with you including product reviews, tips and all that good stuff which will help your online business grow in 2018 and beyond.

Be sure to bookmark this site and if you like anything, share it and spread the love. Let’s do this 🙂


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